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  • Что экологичнее - биоразлагаемая и бумажная продукция?

    Биоразлагаемая продукция не сильно отличается от обычной. Она разлагается быстрее, но после нее все еще остается микропластик. Бумажные изделия наиболее экологичны, ведь они разлагаются без следа и могут быть легко переработаны в новую продукцию. Главное, чтобы бумажное изделие не было ламинировано пластиком.

  • How do I order samples?

    Вы можете заказать образцы продукции с помощью кнопки “Заказать образцы” в главном меню сайта. Либо свяжитесь с нашей командой по работе с клиентами в разделе Contacts и сообщите код товаров, которые вы хотели бы заказать. Мы вышлем вам образцы абсолютно бесплатно.

  • What are the criteria for choosing a packaging?

    You can tell our Customer Service team more about your business, and we will help you find the right packaging option

  • I need a packaging of customized size, color, shape. Can you produce it?

    Please write to us at top@1EA.ru, and 1EA Team will advise on current opportunities for customization, production volume per order and costs.


  • Do you have delivery service?

    We deliver products across Russia and the CIS. Our Managers will inform you of the cost and delivery terms.

  • Where can I get order information?

    После размещения заказа на нашем сайте (в разделе Онлайн каталог) вы получите письмо или звонок от менеджера 1ЕА для уточнения деталей и оформления заказа. После размещения заказа вы получите подтверждение на электронную почту с информацией о статусе заказа. Если письмо не пришло, проверьте адрес почты или заполните заявку с точными данными. Если все заполнено верно, свяжитесь с поддержкой 1ЕА .


  • What lids fit to which trays?

    One Click 500ml, 800ml come with lids of 0cm and 20cm height
    One Click 550ml comes with lids of 0cm and 40 cm height
    One Click 800ml with two sections has one lid option - a two-segment 0cm height lid
    You can contact 1EA managers for more detail.


  • How do I order samples?

    You can order samples with the "Order samples" button on the main menu panel of our site, or contact the 1EA team and give the code of the product that you want to test.

  • Is there a minimum order size?

    At 1EA it’s simple: our minimum order is one box.


  • Which are more ecological - biodegradable bags or paper bags?

    Biodegradable goods are not very different from traditional plastic products. They decompose faster, but they still leave microplastics behind. Paper products are the more environmentally friendly as they decompose without a trace and can be easily recycled into new packaging as long as the paper product is not laminated with plastic.

  • What is a circular economy?

    It is an economic system aimed at minimizing losses and valuing resources through the longest possible use of goods and materials.

  • What is the difference between «biodegradable» and «compostable»?

    "Biodegradable" means a product that breaks down into natural elements. There are currently no industry standards for what makes a product "biodegradable". "Compostable" means that the product decay into natural elements within 90 days during processing in an industrial composting plant as defined in European standard EN13432.

  • Are 1EA products made of renewable materials?

    Да, контейнеры 1ЕА сделаны из возобновляемого растительного сырья, которое имеет сертификат FSC.

  • Does 1EA have products from processed raw materials?

    The 1EA lids are made of recycled plastic. And 1EA packaging in general can be recycled into new packaging; We’re building a system with a minimal production of waste, for a safer environment.


  • I have a question / comment. Who should I contact?

    1EA is responsible for the quality of its products according to world standards. If you have any questions or comments on the quality, you can contact our Customer Service and we will sort your question as soon as possible.