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You can contribute to the preservation of environment by choosing 1EArth (1EA) eco-packaging. We work with environmentally responsible producers and suppliers of raw materials and offer a practical range of stylish and sustainable packaging for all kinds of businesses.

1EA facilitates a global transition from a linear economy...

Most countries currently use a linear model waste management. That means we extract, produce, use and dispose resources - allowing them only one life before they are sent to a landfill.

The circular economy.

... to a circular economy!

We are helping our community to move to a circular economy. We have a comprehensive A to Z approach to sustainability - starting from how we design our products and materials we use, up to how we produce and dispatch our packaging.

Transition to a circular economy is a shift from waste production and pollution to preservation of resources at their highest level of value, for the longest possible period. The transition to a circular economy is a vital element in rethinking our economic progress, with the purpose of sustaining our planet in the future.

By 2025, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

Image of Detpak Waste Hierarchy - demonstrating recycling as the best option for single use packaging

Waste hierarchy

The waste hierarchy defines an internationally recognized set of priorities for efficient use of resources.

The hierarchy leads us from the most favourable to the least favourable outcome for used products.

Reduction of use and reuse of resources are the best options for the environment, but when it comes to disposable packaging, we believe that recycling and composting serve as the best options.

Image of Detpak Waste Hierarchy - demonstrating recycling as the best option for single use packaging

Why should you choose eco packaging?

Whether you’re looking for cups, boxes or bags - you can choose environmentally safe packaging.

The environmental impact of all materials used in 1EA production is strictly evaluated. You can rest assured that our products are made of paper and cardboard from reputable, socially responsible suppliers of raw materials, and plastic for lids has been and/or will be recycled.

1EA Production:

  • Recyclable: cellulose of trays & PET lids
  • Made using recycled materials: PET lids

Do you want to support your community by choosing eco packaging? Contact us today to learn more.

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