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1EA chooses sustainable raw materials

For 1EA, sustainability is not just a trend, but the basis for our daily work and all our products!

1EA trays are made from renewable plant materials - cellulose from responsible forestry. We work solely with certified suppliers. This means that every felled tree is replaced by at least one newly planted tree which ensures sustainability.

1EA paperboard trays are 96-97% recyclable, and we get valuable recycled fiber as the result of recycling.

1EA lids already contain recycled PET material (from 40 to 55%) and can again be fully recycled.

We are proud that our products meet high quality standards and help our customers make healthy and safe choices. Join the eco trend = 1EA lifestyle! 🌿🌍

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Экологичное сырье в 1EA

Compliance with international standards

1EArth (1EA) follows international industry standards and strives to outrun them. We regularly check all production stages and equipment to make sure that our production and processing are fully ecological.

1EA production has all necessary quality certificates and complies with ISO 22000, IS 9001 and other international standards.

Safety for human health and the environment is our priority

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1EA eco choices

What does sustainability mean for 1EA?
We accept paper and paperboard only from responsible forest processors. Suppliers are tested for compliance with international sustainable development and ethical standards. Sustainability means that used raw materials are renewable in the same amount as they are used. Forest plantations are an example of a sustainable source of paper. Producers plant the same amount of trees they use to make paper.

What does recyclable mean?
A product or material can be processed into a new product using recycling technologies. 1EA products consist of materials that can be easily recycled or made of recycled materials. As a responsible international player, 1Earth (1EA) promotes the use of organic, renewable resources and contributes to international environmental protection projects.

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Recycling of 1EA products

The paper part of the 1EA container makes up to 97% of the product weight and is fully suitable for recycling. Disposal of coated 1EA trays is similar to used packaging waste for liquid food products "TETRAPACK".

1EA lids are made of recycled plastic. We give to a second life to plastic that was previously used in the food-processing plastic industry. This part of packaging should be disposed in a designated waste bin.

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Сокращение и компенсация выбросов углерода

Reducing and offsetting carbon emissions

1Earth (1EA) undertakes efforts to minimize its carbon footprint and reduce climate change. The 1EA team is connected to a broad group of like-minded people in the global community and supports international projects led by the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC).