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Our mission is by providing superior quality, service and eco solutions, become a market leader in eco packaging and make a significant contribution to the preservation of the environment.

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Detpak History

The company "1Earth" (abbreviated 1EA) was created by a team of researchers who have implemented a number of successful international projects,including DoECO (food packaging), Pasticciere (confectionery equipment) and GDC (distribution and export of manufactured goods). The 1EA team has a rich portfolio of protected patents, utility models and industrial designs that include new technologies, materials and packaging design.

Having extensive experience in the production of eco packaging, the 1EA team identified main shortcomings of existing packaging analogues, and based on that research, decided to create a fundamentally new production technology that would eliminate all those shortcomings.

This is how 1EA One Click line was born - flawless, innovative, eco-friendly packaging with a 100% formed rim.

1EA One Click packaging is ready-to-use upon delivery, requires no folding, locks securely in one click, and offers a convenient range of containers and lids in different sizes that fit perfectly.

Our design is patented and used exclusively for 1EA products. This is truly a new generation of eco-friendly packaging.