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Research and Production Company 1EArth (1EA) is a team of brilliant professionals (and simply good people) who put the quality of work with customers and suppliers on the top of priority list.
Responsible attitude towards those who we work with to produce and sell our excellent product is the cornerstone of 1EA's successful work.


  • We offer products of the highest quality and functionality
    1EA products have significant advantages in comparison with any eco-packaging analogues we know of. The 1EA research team has created a fundamentally new technology for the production of eco-packaging, which is patented and used exclusively for 1EA products. This is truly a new generation of sustainable packaging.
  • We make eco-friendly packaging convenient | 100% formed board, no folding required
    Stop spending your time on folding eco-friendly packaging: at 1EA we believe that eco-solutions should not bring about compromises. We have created an innovative 100% formed rim package that does not require any folding and is ready to be used immediately upon delivery.
  • We value your time | 1EA packaging is always in stock
    1EA builds its production process in such a way that the packaging you need is always in stock - with us, you don't have to wait long for your order.
  • We develop rapidly | Designing product lines to fit your requirements
    1EA is constantly working to expand its product line to provide you with the exact product your business needs. We are open to suggestions and are happy to improve for you.


The company "1Earth" (abbreviated 1EA) was created by a team of researchers who have implemented a number of successful international projects, including DoECO (food packaging), Pasticciere (confectionery equipment), and GDC (distribution and export of manufactured goods). We know how to work and achieve high goals. including the production of DoECO food packaging, Pasticciere confectionery equipment production, distribution and export manufactured GDC goods. We know how to work and achieve high goals.

The 1EA team has a rich portfolio of protected patents, utility models and industrial designs that include new technologies, materials and packaging design internationally

We work according to international standards and focus on ethics and mutual benefit at all stages of cooperation.