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At 1EA, we adhere to global food safety and quality standards. Our customers can rest assured that all 1EA products meet the highest quality standards. 1EA packaging has necessary certifications to guarantee compliance with safety and quality:

Patented innovative 1EA technology

The 1EA research team has created a fundamentally new technology for the production of environmentally friendly packaging, which has no analogues. Our design is patented and used exclusively for 1EA products. This is truly a new generation of sustainable packaging

Бумажная упаковка из возобновляемых ресурсов 

1EA only works with raw material suppliers that have an FSC certificate, which means they follow sustainable forest management standards and make a significant contribution to the conservation of the planet's forest layer

Accredited by leading international agencies

1EA is an innovative eco-packaging produced by the brilliant team of DoECO creators, that is already accredited by the leading international certification bodies DIN Certco and SGS. 1EA is being included in the list of certified brands of international scale.

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Rosstandart voluntary certification system

1EA was included in the unified register of voluntary certification systems of Rosstandart. Such registration is performed by the initiative of the manufacturer in order to confirm the conformity of products to the requirements of standards and technical specifications.

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